A Guide to Band Noticed Track-Up.

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Tuning the band noticed is a important evil if perfection of reduce, smoothness of substances, and satisfaction in workmanship are the preferred cease-end result of any work attempt.

The band saw machine is an crucial device for woodworkers. Few things are greater pleasant than re-sawing skinny sheets of veneer out of a huge piece of wooden. The band saw is crucial for reducing such curves and for re-sawing veneers. so as for those consequences to be finished, the band noticed in use ought to be tuned efficiently or the re-sawing will become hard.

There are 4 number one steps that will help you optimize the band noticed blade’s capability. this is essential and have to be accomplished with every new blade.


  • Take a look at the blade anxiety
  • Nicely align the blade
  • Take a look at the blade for rectangular
  • Set the guides

Blade anxiety

While putting in a band noticed blade, one of the first actual things to do is measure the anxiety of the blade whilst it is on the band wheels. it’s miles higher to test it manually. depending exclusively at the gauges may not deliver as correct a read.

To manually check the anxiety, tighten the blade, flick it with a finger, or pluck it. The blade will produce a tone that ought to sound clean as opposed to wobbly. through wobbly: just like the sound you pay attention just through shaking the blade.

Many experienced operators endorse a moderate over-tension of the blade so as to obtain a higher reduce. this may be complicated, however.  A blade can take a bit greater anxiety than the gauges endorse, but it isn’t always constantly an excellent idea. Over-anxiety might purpose the saw’s bearings to fail. If the band noticed isn’t always going to be used for a long period, that over-tension of the blade at the noticed can motive flat spots at the tires. New tires might be necessary on the way to restore the obtained vibration problem. changing a tire, particularly rubber tires, may be difficult and messy.

Blade Alignment

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While properly aligning a blade, the blade ought to then run in the center of the wheels. The loafer wheel have to be balanced with the pressure wheel. Spin the wheels by way of hand, after Which modify the tracking manipulate until the blade is jogging within the middle of the loafer wheel. If it’s far already centered, lock the manipulate in that function. cowl the wheel and flip the device on at 50%. take a look at the blade to determine if it’s miles in the perfect alignment.

Always make sure to have it in right alignment before going as much as complete pace.

Check the blade for rectangular

one of the oldest tricks in woodworking is a easy technique for determining when any meeting or object is square. it is primarily based on the Pythagorean Theorem, which states “The sum of the squares of  facets of a proper triangle is same to the 0.33 facet, or the hypotenuse.”

degree the desk, rectangular the table to the blade, after which lock it in place.

Set The Courses

most band noticed machines have two similar sets of guides. One set above the desk and the other set under the top guides. Your machine may also have a manual bearing and two block guides, or a guide bearing and two aspect bearings.

returned bearings withstand the force whilst you push the board thru the blade even as block guides prevent the blade from twisting out of function

If there are issues with the way the blade is cutting after this tune-up, the saw may also require a more worried adjustment. There may be a trouble with wheel alignment, wheel balance, or an adjustment of the pressure educate.

The proprietor’s manual will be better capable of help with such troubles.

make sure to cautiously examine the Operator’s guide. there are many great changes essential so as for the band saw to cut nicely. Failure to observe the commands will lower the device’s performance and will possibly purpose blade breakage.

Following those guidelines for song-up of a band saw system will assist to gain the foremost functionality of the band noticed and saw blades.